+M Foundation 50 min PODCAST July 27th, 2023

Zac Seidler

Parents and carers

UB Podcast

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Zac is a clinical psychologist, researcher and leading men’s mental health expert, and along with his work at Movember is a Research Fellow with Orygen at the University of Melbourne, dedicating his academic and professional career to men’s mental health and masculinity. His goal is to help reduce the staggering rate of male suicide worldwide.

Through his research, Dr Seidler has advocated for a change in the way we think about treating men’s distress, with a focus on creating mental health services that account for masculinity.

This has evolved into a fully funded project, Men in Mind, the world’s first training program for mental health clinicians to help them better understand and respond to men’s distress and suicidality.

If you are thinking about suicide or experiencing emotional distress, help is available. Please contact Lifeline: Call 13 11 14