About the Foundation for Positive Masculinity

Our Mission  

The Foundation for Positive Masculinity (+M) has a mission to promote the prevention and control of behaviours that are harmful for boys and young men to ensure that boys and men are connected, authentic and are motivated. The Foundation pursues this mission through education and training, research and partnerships. 

Our Key Values 

As a Foundation, we are driven by developing a masculinity which is: 

Connected: where boys and men have and keep positive friendships and relationships.
Authentic: where boys and men are kind and compassionate in their sense of self.
Motivated: where boys and men know how to to be, and are a good people.

What is Positive Masculinity? 

Positive masculinity is the expression of attitudes and behaviors that represent character strengths and virtues, which can be exhibited by individuals of any gender. These qualities are demonstrated and practiced by males for the collective benefit of both themselves and the community.

Positive Masculinity highlights the strengths and advantageous aspects of a masculine identity (Kiselica & Englar-Carlson, 2010), offering an alternative perspective to traditional expectations.

Boys and young men often experience constant pressure to achieve, prove, and maintain their masculinity (Kimmel, 2006; Vandello & Bosson, 2013; Vandello, Bosson et al., 2008). To counteract the prevalent social portrayal of masculinity (Kupers, 2005), where men are typically depicted as aggressive, unemotional, and non-nurturing (Collier, 1998; Connell & Messerschmidt, 2005), intervention and positive guidance are essential. Positive masculinity serves as a means to transform this conversation.

Positive Masculinity (+M) encompasses a collection of practices, curriculum, and evidence-based recommendations designed for boys, their parents, guardians, and carers and educators.

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