+M Foundation 52 min VIDEO November 9th, 2023

+M: Introducing Positive Masculinity


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There has been a lot of talk about toxic masculinity but there needs to be a conversation about its oppositePositive Masculinity and how we help boys to learn healthy behaviours early and develop into good men.

This raises questions: What does it mean to be a good man? Can it be taught? And, if it can, whose job is it to do this? Join Dr Ray Swann and a panel of experts in boys’ education in this introductory webinar as they look at how parents and teachers can work together to start the conversation.

Welcome to our introductory webinar into Positive Masculinity presented by Dr Ray Swann. We’ll begin with a general overview, then hearing from Dr Judy Chu, Dr Simon Rice and Dr Matt Englar-Carlson.

Finally we’ll conclude with a Q&A session with panellists Dr Ray Swann, Dr Kylie King and Dr Simon Rice answering questions submitted to the panel on the evening of the webinar.

We hope you enjoy the presentation, and look forward to continuing the conversation with you. The total running time of the webinar is 51:50 minutes, comprising of the main presentation which runs for about 35 minutes and a 15 minute Q&A session at the end.

0:00 Introduction and Welcome
1:34 Acknowledgement of Country
1:53 What’s it like to be a boy today?
2:55 Dr Judy Chu (Stanford)
13:46 Dr Simon Rice (Orygen)
21:27 What defines masculinity for you?
23:34 Dr Matt Englar-Carlson (Fullerton)
30:47 The Framework (overview)
35:17 Q&A Session

Everyone’s talking about positive masculinity

Hear from world leaders in boys’ education as they explore key aspects of positive masculinity, how it applies to your son and how, as parents, we can help him to be set up with the right ‘tools’ to be the best version of himself? In a changing world, intervention is needed to encourage boys to embody healthy expressions and identities of masculinity. You will be provided with a ground-breaking model in Positive Masculinity (+M) developed at Brighton Grammar together with Orygen: The Centre for Youth Mental Health (University of Melbourne).

The +M Model

The panel explores in more depth the three components of the +M model: Authenticity, Motivation and Connectedness. We will provide you with key takeaway messages and strategies that you can use in your home. Learn about the power of building and setting routines, ways to redirect your son’s negative emotions (such as anger), as well as teaching him about rules and why establishing boundaries create security for us all.

The webinar was recorded on 9 August 2021