Avatar photo Matt Englar-Carlson 77 min VIDEO October 25th, 2023

Parenting boys into healthy adult men

Parents and carers

What can a parent do?

Professor Matt Englar Carlson

Professor Matt Englar-Carlson, founder of the positive masculinities’ movement, believes that with the right approaches boys can grow into the healthy men we need for this age. As Director of the Centre for Men and Boys, California State University – Fullerton, Matt is striving to shape generations of positive male role models.

By taking a strength-based approach, he focuses on character building rather than traditional gender roles, promoting positive emotions like empathy, charity, kindness and respect in boys.

In March 2023, Matt was at Brighton Grammar School, and held this parent seminar providing information and advice about raising healthy young men for this age. His message – focused on positive masculinities – is not one to be missed.

The presentation was recorded on 15 March 2023 and is available via the Brighton Grammar School youtube page.