+M Foundation 4 MINS READ October 25th, 2023

Positive Masculinity in Schools


Sample Curriculum

Lesson #0.0 What is +M?1.1 Connected People
1.2 Ways to Communicate
1.3 Effective Communication Skills
1.4 Connection in Sport
1.5 Leadership – Connecting to a Purpose
2.1 Authentic People
2.2 Who am I?
2.3 This is Me
2.4 Character Strengths in Action
2.5 Seeking Help and Problem Solving
3.1 Motivated People
 3.2 What Motivates Me?
 3.3 Follow your Passion
 3.4 Goal Setting
 3.5 Motivation in Sport
Learning IntentionStudents will understand the +M framework.Students will understand the importance of being a connected teenage boy.

Students will recognise the importance of effective, and various forms of communication in forming healthy relationships.

Students will explore the importance of connection and being a successful leader.
Students will understand the traits of authentic people and reflect on people in their life who possess these qualities.

Students will understand different character strengths and identify their own.

Students will discuss help-seeking behaviours of authentic people.
Students will understand what motivation is and how people are motivated by different influences.

Students will understand how goal setting and help-seeking can be used to maintain motivation.

Students will explore how successful athletes demonstrate motivation.
Success CriteriaExplain the framework and apply it to self, others and various case studies.Develop various communication techniques with peers. 

Compare and contrast experiences, skills and values with self and others. 

Identify various leadership styles and how Leaders use them to connect.
Apply traits of an authentic person to a role model.

Identify and explain strengths in themselves and others.

Identify and understand help seeking processes, including problem solving various challenges using a framework.
Recognise the importance of motivation and self-reflection in achieving high performance.
Share their own passions in life.

Apply goal setting frameworks to their own situation and apply various supports to assist in achieving goals
Australian Curriculum linksInvestigate the impact of transition and change on identities

Evaluate strategies to manage personal, physical and social changes that occur as they grow older (ACPPS071)

Practise and apply strategies to seek help for themselves or others (ACPPS072)

Investigate the benefits of relationships and examine their impact on their own and others’ health and wellbeing (ACPPS074)

Analyse factors that influence emotions, and develop strategies to demonstrate empathy and sensitivity (ACPPS075)

Evaluate health information and communicate their own and others’ health concerns (ACPPS076)