+M Foundation Brochure April 23rd, 2024

Sexual Health and College Male Athletes

Boys and students

A Guide for College Athletes

This information has been shared by the Partnership for Male Youth

As male athletes enter university, excelling in sports and pushing boundaries is key, but prioritising sexual health is equally essential. While dedicating time to the gym and training is crucial, maintaining awareness of sexual well-being is just as important.

Research on US college athletes indicate they tend to take more risks in their sexual activities, often having multiple partners compared to their peers. For example, a study demonstrated that over 60% of male college football players reported having more than five sexual partners. Surprisingly, only a third consistently practiced safe sex, with some holding misconceptions about sexual health, such as underestimating the effectiveness of condoms in preventing STDs or believing in myths like contracting STDs from toilet seats.

In response to this concern, the Partnership for Male Youth (PMY) has developed a brochure aimed at educating college male athletes on the significance of sexual health. By placing this resource in the hands of college male athletes, we aim to make a positive impact and promote greater awareness and responsible behaviors in this vital aspect of their well-being.

Download the brochure, Sex and the Male College Athlete from PMY.