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We believe that Positive Masculinity is an essential component in creating a world where everyone feels respected and valued.

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In boys and men there are higher rates of aggression, violence, suicide and poorer school engagement.

What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked. Something is missing and new approaches are needed.

We’re building a world where we can all benefit from positive and healthy men. But we can’t do it alone.

The Foundation for Positive Masculinity will provide resources, practices, curriculum and evidence-based advice for boys, their parents, guardians and teachers.

Together we can inspire positive change and create a more gender equitable and inclusive future.

Improving the Behaviour and Engagement of Boys

Boys across the world are feeling disengaged and excluded in the classroom. It's time to take action and address this crisis together.

Positive Masculinities for the Modern World

Embrace the opportunity to empower your sons through learning!

Positive Masculinity International Conference

Engaging boys and improving their life outcomes through connection, authenticity and motivation.

Supporting the person before the athlete

An introductory workshop for parents and carers of boys aged 12-15 years.

Supporting Young People to Build Performance & Leadership Skills

An introductory workshop for boys aged 12-15 years.

Introducing a story book for Positive Masculinities

How do you start to teach Positive Masculinity? From an early age, boys are already starting to formulate ideas of what it means to be a boy and what masculinity will mean for them.

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