Sample Curriculum

Lesson #0.0 What is +M?1.1 Connected People
1.2 Ways to Communicate
1.3 Effective Communication Skills
1.4 Connection in Sport
1.5 Leadership – Connecting to a Purpose
2.1 Authentic People
2.2 Who am I?
2.3 This is Me
2.4 Character Strengths in Action
2.5 Seeking Help and Problem Solving
3.1 Motivated People
 3.2 What Motivates Me?
 3.3 Follow your Passion
 3.4 Goal Setting
 3.5 Motivation in Sport
Learning IntentionStudents will understand the +M framework.Students will understand the importance of being a connected teenage boy.

Students will recognise the importance of effective, and various forms of communication in forming healthy relationships.

Students will explore the importance of connection and being a successful leader.
Students will understand the traits of authentic people and reflect on people in their life who possess these qualities.

Students will understand different character strengths and identify their own.

Students will discuss help-seeking behaviours of authentic people.
Students will understand what motivation is and how people are motivated by different influences.

Students will understand how goal setting and help-seeking can be used to maintain motivation.

Students will explore how successful athletes demonstrate motivation.
Learning Intention
Success Criteria

Our programs cover five strands: staff development, curriculum, assessment,
parent programs and sporting clubs.

Staff development (teachers, leaders or coaches) to explore the +M framework. These include:


Assessment programs

Parent and guardian programs

Sporting clubs and community groups

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