24 May, 2024

Workshop speakers and presenters

Through inspiring keynote speeches, and collaborative sessions, you'll have the opportunity to learn from experts and thought leaders in the field.

Dr Ray Swann, Executive Director of Foundation for Positive Masculinity, is an honorary fellow at the University of Melbourne. He leads change in wellbeing programs and evidence-informed practice with experience across government, independent, and single-gender schools.

Dr Ray Swann

Executive Director of Foundation for Positive Masculinity

Mark completed his Doctor of Education and Masters in Education Policy (International) at the University of Melbourne. His role is to drive school improvement, with a specific focus on increasing the engagement and learning of boys in the classroom. Mark consults internationally on culture, belonging, and behaviour and has also been acknowledged for his contributions to multiple books on coaching and staff development.

Dr. Mark Dowley

Co-author of The Classroom Management Handbook and Adjunct Lecturer at Latrobe University

Kristen leverages her background in English and Psychotherapy, along with her experience as Head of English in single-sex schools, to emphasise the interplay between academic success and personal development. Kristen also fosters a holistic approach to education through workshops, information sessions, and research-based support for parents.

Kristen Molloy

Associate Head at the Crowther Centre, Literacy and Engagement

Tom is a leading figure in Australia for advanced facilitation and executive coaching and the visionary behind Tomorrow Architects and Tomorrow Man. His firm is at the forefront of revolutionising leadership development, behavioural change, and organisational transformation. With more than 15 years of experience, Tom has influenced over 150,000 executives worldwide, utilising his unique ability to foster psychologically safe spaces that encourage authentic and transformative group interactions. His work spans across prestigious organisations such as McKinsey, IKEA, and Telstra where he's known for promoting leadership, emotional agility, resilience, and diversity. Tom is the founder of Tomorrow Man, a social initiative featured on ABC's "Man Up”, aiming to redefine masculinity and strengthen emotional resilience among men of all ages, reaching out to celebrities, athletes, and teenagers alike.

Tom Harkin

Founder Tomorrow Architects and Tomorrow Man

Ingrid Howren is a Leadership Coach and +M Curriculum Specialist, supporting school leaders, teachers, and coaches to develop leadership capacity and boys' wellbeing. A passionate expert in Health and Physical Education, she has led teams and coordinated elite sports programs, fostering inclusive cultures. Within the Positive Masculinity Foundation, Ingrid is a presenter, content creator and coach with experience presenting leadership development to schools across Australia.

Ingrid Howren

Leadership Coach and +M Curriculum Specialist

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